Premier Foods Testimonial

  • 20 May 2015
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Premier Foods Testimonial

Group Head of Logistics and Supply Chain at Premier Foods

WBS Group worked with us on the construction and fit out of a 20,000 pallet extension to the existing 45,000 pallet capacity warehouse. The project began in January 2007 and the first stock was transferred in on the 31st July 2007, three weeks ahead of a very challenging schedule and on budget. The full handover to the operations team followed four months later.

WBS Group also helped us with a programme of refurbishment to the existing warehouse. This involved new lighting, redesigned pick face layouts, new traffic and pedestrian routes and gravity racking to improve the working environment and maximise throughput at the site. The new warehouse in conjunction with a similar extension project also by WBS provided a 160% increase in the number of pallets stored in the facility.

Working with the WBS Group, we were keen to: create a centre of best practice for warehousing; optimise service levels and provide a better working environment for staff. We’ve used the project as a catalyst for improving the way we manage our warehousing generally and facilitated by WBS Group, we have defined new working practices to enable us to improve our efficiencies and allow us to simplify the process, cut out waste and improve resilience of operations.

WBS Group’s management consulting experience combined with their understanding of operational performance and people requirements guided the way they managed these projects. They introduced sound project management techniques and their experienced Project Managers engaged well with the onsite Operations Team to ensure everybody was working to the same goal.

“WBS Group has worked particularly well within Premier
Foods as a Project Support Team - they kept focused on
delivery and brought both pace and an excellence of
project management to ensure 100% achievement of

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