WBS Association With Bicester Technology Studio

  • 8 November 2016
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As part of WBS Group’s desire to bring more qualified young people interested in manufacturing and engineering based careers into the market, it has teamed up with one of the newest Technology based schools.

Bicester Technology Studio opened for the September 2016 term, based in a brand-new purpose designed building to offer years 10 and 12 pupils and alternative style of education to bring to the forefront the elements of Engineering & Technology, Ecological Sustainability, and Business and Operations. These subjects are taught alongside the core elements of the National Curriculum, and make a huge difference in the student’s ability to start their career in these areas.

A key element in the development of the school is the partnership with local businesses and WBS has been one of the founding partners and a representative on the initial Project Steering Group. Now that the school is open, WBS will participate actively with teaching and project based learning.

The school opened with a pupil intake in excess of its target level and already shows signs of becoming a huge success. These are the sort of establishments that our engineers will come from in the future.   

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