WBS Group Create Energy Savings for German Logistics & Manufacturing Company

  • 14 September 2016
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Supply Chain Optimisation
Welcome to our latest Newsletter, designed to provide you with insights into supply chain optimisation and share latest industry news.

This month WBS Group talk through the importance of optimising your material flow.

Also in this month's edition, we feature a latest case study from a German Manufacturing and Logistics provider, and focus on sales, marketing and finance input from the industry.

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Sales, Marketing and Finance Input

This month WBS look at an integrated and optimised cross functional meeting cadence to refine inputs to Operations from Sales, Marketing and Finance activates a robust IBP.

Sales and Operations planning confirms the business plan for the next cycle, based on high quality inputs and iterative problem solving. 

Getting Your Material Flow Right

WBS talk through the importance of optimising your material flow.

Lean methodology likes numbers. 5S. 6 losses. 7 wastes - well 8 if you count loss of human potential, or 9 if you include customer complaints. 

WBS Group Consultants were recently asked to carry out an end-to-end supply chain optimisation programme for a German manufacturer and logistics provider to the entertainment industry. Read the case study here, including the scenario, recommendations and recognised benefits.

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