WBS Group launches Process Minimalism®

  • 14 June 2016
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WBS Group launches Process Minimalism®

With WBS Group's new training programme launch you can learn how to free up resources, remove waste and at the same time increase efficiency and flexibility of your operations.

Process Minimalism®, a new training programme launched by WBS Group prepares delegates to take charge of simplifying and decluttering all processes in their organisation.

The Process Minimalism's Modules

Four modules take the delegates on a journey through their company’s real life value chain. At the end of the journey, the delegates will be equipped to identify waste and process clutter, design relevant KPIs, improve and simplify processes throughout, and know how to involve and develop people to ensure the minimalist approach is sustained.

A thorough, challenging, and hands-on training programme. On successful completion of all four modules delegates become certified Process Minimalists®.

Process Minimalist® training is the ideal starting point for further training and development of the people in your organisation for example in Lean tools and techniques, communication and problem solving. 

The Process Minimalist® modules are suitable for all levels in the organisation and can be used as the first exposure to process management or as refresher training for more experienced staff. 

WBS will structure the training to suit the intended cohort of delegates to ensure that the level of content, exercises and duration provide the best value for money.

To learn more about Process Minimalism® and our other customisable training courses, simply contact us for an initial FREE no obligation consultation. 

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