WBS Group Strategic Partnership with Bicester Tech Studio

  • 23 November 2015
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WBS Group are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Bicester Technology Studio, a new Learning college specialising in sustainable technologies and logistics based in Bicester. WBS group will work with the college in planning the curriculum alongside other partners from the industry and next year will provide class room teaching.

WBS Group's Supply Chain Consultants will be working in partnership not only with the school but also with organisations from various industries, which will bring together the experiences from the worlds of industry and consultancy.

Bicester Tech Studio's Objective

Bicester Tech Studio’s objective is to ensure that students are taught the theory combined with real life experience and examples to put theory into context. The aim is for the strategic partners to provide short term job placements if possible, in order to give the students the opportunity to experience real work in real companies related to their studies

Find out more about Bicester Tech Studio here.

Why are WBS Group Partnering With Bicester Technology Studio?

It has been one of WBS Group’s strategic goals to expand the educational side of their business to include the “next generation” and they are therefore grateful for the opportunity to work with Bicester Technology Studio and their 14 to 19-year old students. WBS Group see this as an opportunity to use their extensive knowledge to bring practical skills and experience to the students, and prepare them for the realities of supply chain and logistics. Working with young people gives the Supply Chain Consultants the opportunity to spot talent and potentially help their clients fill recruitment gaps.

“We are delighted to be working with Bicester Technology Studio. This is an exciting opportunity to work with young people and bring supply chain and logistics theory and practice together. Bicester Technology Studio have broken with tradition and invited representatives from industry to help set the curriculum and deliver some of the classroom teaching. Peter Abrahamsen, Director WBS Group looks forward to introducing the next generation to WBS’s pragmatic approach and to contribute to the development of supply chain and logistics talent for the future.” Peter Abrahamsen, Director, WBS Group

Why WBS Are The Perfect Partner

One of many WBS Groups core values is “the sharing of values” find out more: www.wbsgroup.com. When our Supply Chain Consultants deliver assignments they always make sure that they share their knowledge with our clients. Furthermore WBS Group Consultants also provide bespoke training courses in management and supply chain related subjects. 

To find out more about WBS Group's training courses in Supply Chain, Management and Shop Floor, click here or contact us.

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