WBS Group’s Approach to Training

  • 22 January 2016
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WBS Group’s Approach to Training

The Benefits of Training

Any organisation regardless of size and business sector is only as strong as the people working in it. Therefore it is important to ensure that everyone working within the company is as skilled and competent as at all possible. The benefits of properly trained people can be difficult to quantify and express in hard numbers. However, poor productivity, quality and morale clearly illustrate the negative effects of poorly trained and incompetent people e.g.:

  • 70% of bullying is caused by lack of management skills
  • 18% of employees think they have the necessary skills to do their job
  • Employees leave managers, not companies

Properly planned and targeted training does more than just providing skills and expertise. Training directly addresses the deepest craving of human beings – attention. And when a company pays attention to its employees they will in turn respond with loyalty towards the company which has a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Who would not want to go the extra mile for a manager who is appreciative and supportive?

How WBS Group Consultants Can Help With Your Training

WBS Group Supply Chain Consultants provide customised in-company training courses in topics related to management, manufacturing and supply chain. WBS Group want to make sure that clients avoid the “training for the sake of training” trap which leads to confusion, poor morale and complete waste of money.

Training Courses that WBS Group currently offer are made to fit all areas of your organisation, from boardroom to shop floor. Modules include: Management Excellence Series, Supply Chain Excellence Series and Shop Floor Excellence Series.

How WBS Group Training Works

Training must be set in a proper context such as a change programme or a continuous improvement programme which is directly linked to the company’s overall business goals.

Before training starts our Supply Chain Consultants will work with you to understand your training strategy and your specific training requirements. WBS Group will work with you to ascertain the training needs of the people you want trained so that WBS Group Consultants can design a training programme which is both relevant and pitched at the correct level(s).

WBS Group training courses are designed as workshops where the delegates are always kept involved through discussion and exercises. Our specialist supply chain trainers are experienced consultants who bring real life experiences and situations into the training environment.

WBS Group training courses are challenging and do not shy away from telling the delegates when what’s in the text book simply does not work in real life. Furthermore, WBS Group take a coaching approach during the training courses and challenge each delegate to commit to specific actions they will take immediately after the training when they are back in their day job.

How do You Know How Successful The Training Was?

At the end of each training session WBS Group ask for feedback from the delegates which will be compiled into a brief report. But more importantly, an integral part of any WBS Group training programme is the Follow-up Day, where trainer and delegates return for a day at an agreed point after the training. During the Follow-up Day the delegates will share their experiences of applying what they learned to their working environment. They will feed back to the group how successful they were in accomplishing the actions they committed to during the training. And of course the trainer is on hand to offer advice and support on issues arising since the training.

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