WBS Launches Process Minimalism® Training Programme

  • 4 July 2016
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Supply Chain Optimisation
Welcome to our latest Newsletter, designed to provide you with insights into supply chain optimisation and share latest industry news.

This month we are delighted to announce the latest addition to our extensive range of training programmes, Process Minimalism®.

Also in this month's edition, we focus on the most recent industry statistics in robotic automation and food and drink from Barclays, and give you an insight into why IBP is critical to Inventory Optimisation.

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Why IBP is Critical to Inventory Optimisation

WBS talk through the importance of IBP and Inventory Optimisation.

Inventory Management is an essential pre-cursor to Integrated Business Planning, focused on reducing risk and cost.

WBS Group launches Process Minimalism® Training Programme

Process Minimalism®, a new training programme launched by WBS Group prepares delegates to take charge of simplifying and decluttering all processes in their organisation.

The training programme will be split into four modules that take the delegates on a journey through their company's real life value chain.

Latest Industry Statistics From Barclays

A recent in depth analysis into the robotic automation industry, carried out by Barclays found the largest impact companies found from their recent investment into automation equipment was the 65% increase in business productivity. 

In another extensive report from Barclays, focusing on the food and drink industry they found 48% of respondents felt the rise of discount retailers was NOT good for the UK's food and drink manufacturers. While 12% didn't know.

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