Wellbeing at Work

  • 8 February 2017
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Wellbeing is currently a major issue in businesses today and often part of governance policies. As well as the core responsibility of ensuring that your business staff are properly cared for, it makes commercial sense because staff performing at peak levels deliver superior performance.
WBS Group have added to their significant training offer by introducing two specialist one day courses: “Working Resiliently” and “Building Team Resilience”.
These courses are dynamic and fully interactive and are available for groups of up to 12. The courses will assist employees in:

- Boosting productivity and engagement at work
- Enhancing morale
- Increasing ability to positively influence pressure situations
- Managing stress levels
- Deepening an understanding of how we manage our energy
- Developing positive rituals that enhance happiness and performance at work and at home

And provide the employer with knowledge on how to:

- Understand the concept of resilience and its impact on sustainable performance in the workplace
- Assess your current resilience profile and identify improvements
- Recognise what happens in people’s brain and body in response to uncertainty
- Understand how resilience role modelling can impact your team
- Adopt a number of key techniques to help you and those you lead be more engaged and productive

The courses have been designed by Shona McFarlane, WBS’s specialist coach in this important area. Shona is a professionally trained and qualified facilitator and executive coach with over 17 years’ sales and management experience. She is passionate about personal development and brings a fun and inclusive real world style to the training room.

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