Training Courses

WBS offers training courses for all areas of your organisation, from boardroom to shop floor. Course modules include Management Excellence Series, Supply Chain Excellence SeriesShop Floor Excellence Series and Process Minimalism® Series.


Management Excellence Series

Course Objective:

To develop skills, techniques and confidence necessary for understanding various kinds of facilitation.

Course Description:

This interactive one day course is designed to give delegates an introduction to the techniques and purposes of facilitation. Theory and exercises will enable the attendees to run meetings and workshops etc.


Course Programme:

The attendees of this course will learn the basic skills and techniques necessary to confidently stand in front of colleagues or clients and facilitate e.g. training and team briefings. The course will cover the following:
  • Roles of the facilitator
  • Facilitation methods
  • Facilitation settings 
  • Communication and body language 
  • House keeping 
  • Exercises and feedback 
  • Equipment and techniques
The course will be a mixture of theory and practical exercises. The attendees will be required to make short presentations in front of the whole group and to lead the whole group in discussion. Each attendee should prepare subject/issue to present to and discuss with the whole group (5 minutes per person).

Suitable For:

Managers and Team Leaders Free telephone support is available to course attendees after the course.

Why Attend:

If your meetings are too lengthy and achieve very little. If for example you are a manager and find you can’t both run and contribute to a meeting. When you wish more of your employees could take charge of workshops and meetings

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