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WBS offers training courses for all areas of your organisation, from boardroom to shop floor. Course modules include Management Excellence Series, Supply Chain Excellence SeriesShop Floor Excellence Series and Process Minimalism® Series.

Value Stream Mapping

Shop Floor Excellence Series

Course Objective:

To learn how to analyse the current state of processes and to identify waste reduction opportunities by redesigning business and/or manufacturing processes.

Course Description:

This interactive two-day course will provide delegates with theory and purpose of process analysis and value stream analysis set in the context of managing key business processes. Following some theoretical background delegates will apply perform value stream mapping of the current state and design a future state. The course timescale can be adjusted to suit the number and complexity of processes, but the minimum duration is two days.


Course Programme:

The attendees of this course will learn the theoretical background to Value Stream Mapping and carry out an actual Value Stream Mapping exercise which includes designing a future state process. The course will cover the following:
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping 
  • Value Add vs Non Value Add 
  • Process mapping and analysis 
  • Process redesign Action planning and priority setting 
  • Assignment of action ownerships
The course will be a workshop combining theory and practical exercises. Access to the areas being mapped and analysed is a prerequisite.

Suitable For:

Groups including managers, team leaders and operators.

Why Attend:

If your business and/ or manufacturing processes do not give the desired results. When you want to work smarter, not harder. If your shop floor is crammed with work in progress. If your administrative processes are holding up work

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